Transitional Services & Discharge Planning

As individuals get closer to their release from prison, a discharge planner is assigned to work with that individual to create a transition plan. Prior to this, the pre- release unit in Transitional Services & Discharge Planning holds forums in facilities to inform the clients what services are available and begins the process of planning for a successful reentry back home and to their communities.

The discharge plan is essentially an addendum to the individualized program plan which is designed to ensure the offender will be receiving necessary services in the community post-release. A variety of discharge planning services are available such as housing, mental health, health services, substance use disorder treatment, medically assisted treatment, youthful offender programming, etc. Some providers have a specific focus, for example, one agency works exclusively with offenders with severe mental illness, one with youthful offender related issues, and substance issues. There is also a medical discharge planner. In addition to pre-release planning and discharge planning services, the agencies that work within the prison for RIDOC also provide post-release services and follow-up to ensure a successful re-entry in to the community and to prevent further incarcerations.

Contact Information

Christine Imbriglio, Transitional Services & Discharge Planning Supervisor

Dix Building

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-1129

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