Director's Message

Salisbury Bio Pic
Wayne T. Salisbury, Jr., Acting Director

On behalf of the 1,400 men and women employed at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC), I am pleased to welcome you to our department’s website. I invite you to familiarize yourself with our agency by perusing our website.

The RIDOC is a "full service" correctional agency. Every adult under correctional supervision (pretrial detention, sentence to incarceration, sentence to probation, sentence to home confinement or release on parole supervision) in this state falls within our jurisdiction. The RIDOC's facilities are known collectively as the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI). The RIDOC is unique as it operates as one of only six “unified” systems in the nation, meaning its jail system is integrated into its prison system.

Consistent with our Mission Statement, staff work very hard to supervise those entrusted to our care to ensure public safety while providing them with programming opportunities designed to help them become productive and law-abiding members of the community upon release.

The RIDOC is committed to ensuring public safety while treating those incarcerated with respect and dignity, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. The RIDOC is committed to correctional best practices while being accountable to members of the community.

The job of a correctional professional is difficult and, on most days, “thankless”. The staff of the RIDOC are committed to public safety and rehabilitation, the core principles of our mission. Their dedication and hard work along with work of those incarcerated make our communities safer.