Workforce Re-entry Initiative (WorkRI)

​​​​​​One of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections' (RIDOC) strategic goals has been centered around the creation of programming that trains offenders with marketable skills and affords them opportunities to attain meaningful education and gainful employment.

During incarceration, offenders can gain work experience that is often applicable outside the walls of prison (i.e., carpentry, upholstery, auto body, sewing/tailoring, landscaping/grounds crew, etc.). Many offenders work while participating in various programs, including education classes.

In support of its Mission and strategic goals RIDOC created the Workforce Re-entry Initiative (WorkRI) to help match employers with qualified job candidates. Gainful employment is only one of several major factors that plays a key role in the successful re-entry and rehabilitation of justice-involved individuals, helping to reduce recidivism. It is our hope that the WorkRI site will serve as a catalyst; allowing offenders and employers to connect, giving individuals the opportunity to help their communities and move forward in creating a fulfilling and sustainable life for themselves and their families.

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