Classification is a process by which offenders are assigned to facilities based upon their respective risks and needs. Factors considered in this process include: (1) determination and assignment of appropriate custody and security levels; (2) program placement based on inmate needs and available services--medical, mental health, vocational, educational and employment; (3) designation to proper housing placement within the institution; and (4) scheduled review of custody assignments to reassess inmates' needs and risks.

The Department of Corrections is required by law to classify all inmates who are committed to its custody. The classification process begins as soon as an inmate arrives and continues until that inmate is discharged from Departmental custody. Classification, as defined by state law, encompasses virtually all decisions which affect an inmate's life while in confinement. It is important to note that elements of the classification process are governed by specific Departmental policies and procedures, as well as applicable Rhode Island statutes and court rulings.


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