Planning & Research Unit

The Planning and Research Unit organizes, coordinates and supervises short-range and long-range planning functions relating to the Department of Corrections and provides support and coordination of Departmental program initiatives, program development, program evaluation, statistical analysis, grant solicitations and technical assistance requests.

The Unit is responsible for providing accurate information, planning and statistical analyses for policy-oriented management decisions affecting all aspects of the Department as well as federal grant related activities and projects and serves as a resource for RIDOC personnel and public research and data requests. All departmental research is coordinated and overseen by Planning and Research Unit staff.

If you are interested in conducting research at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, including inmate or staff research, data-based research, research on the Community Corrections population or student education-based research projects, please review RIDOC's Research Policy and follow the guidelines listed.

Research Request Forms & FAQ

Generally, it takes about one month for Non-Medical research to be reviewed and approved or denied. Behavioral and Medical research can take as long as two months to be processed as it must be reviewed by the prison's Medical Research Advisory Group, which meets bi-monthly.

RIDOC adheres to Federal Regulations (45CFR46) for the protection of human research subjects. Therefore, if you are gathering information directly from inmates or employees of the RIDOC (e.g., surveys/interviews) or you are planning to research an intervention with inmates or employees (e.g., a group treatment), you need IRB approval. The only research exempt from IRB review is research that analyzes secondary data (i.e., data that will be extracted from a data source, requiring no direct contact with inmates of staff).

Yes, students are required to follow the same policy. In addition, students are required to provide the name and contact information of the academic instructor/professor who is supervising the student. RIDOC will make the academic supervisor aware of any concerns related to the student's research.

Contact Information

Jessica Migliaccio, Administrator of Planning and Research

18 Wilma Schesler Lane

Dix Bldg., 1st floor

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-3921