Central Office

​​​​​​Sergio DeSousarosa, Warden

39 Howard Avenue

Admin B

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-5347

Phone: (401) 462-3007

Collectively, Central Office maintains and inventories security equipment, conducts security audits, writes security reports and keeps security records and facilitates new security technology. The Central Office is responsible for Department oversight of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), weapons and ammunition, duty gear, restraints, radios, emergency response, certain specialized training and overall security. The Central Office also oversees the Department's surveillance systems and facilities' perimeter detection systems.

Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Shawn Largy, CERT Commander

39 Howard Avenue

Admin B

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-2347

Fax: (401) 462-2108

The Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a voluntary unit made up of ninety (90) correctional officers whose mission is to neutralize disturbances, handle critical incidents, respond to incidents which require additional manpower, equipment, and specialized skillsets, and to enhance teamwork outside the standard training and resources of line correctional officers.

The CERT Team is also utilized to assist with other contingencies which may arise at any of our facilities and to assist outside law enforcement agencies, when necessary. The CERT Team members are specially equipped and trained and use only necessary and reasonable force to maintain good order and ensure sound security protocols. CERT consists of five (5) specialized units; Chemical Munitions Unit (CMU), Less Lethal Team, Breaching Team, Weapons and Marksman Observers.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Donna Collins, Team Administrator

Steven Hoard and Miguel Santiago, Team Co-Leaders

Phone: (401) 462-2366

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a 15-person team made up of RIDOC employees from various units who are trained in non-tactical disturbance management and hostage negotiation. CIT members receive 40 hours of initial training from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and a minimum of 40 hours of additional training annually.

K-9 Unit

Stephen Hauser, K-9 Commander

1375 Pontiac Avenue

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-1855

The RIDOC K-9 Unit teams are specially trained to tactically respond to emergency situations and provide narcotic interdiction and detection within the Department's Adult Correctional Facilities (ACI). K-9 Unit handlers are required to be certified annually by a Master Trainer of the National Police Work Dog Association. A departmental K-9 Unit handler must complete a curriculum of no less than 12 weeks of training per discipline in police utility and/or the detection of drugs or other contraband. Each handler must complete a minimum of 96 hours of K-9 in-service training per calendar year and are required to train a minimum of eight (8) hours per month to keep up certification in Crowd and Riot Control, Tracking and Patrol work.

The K-9 Unit provides protection to both the public and staff while carrying out the Department's Mission with professionalism, respect, integrity and excellence.

Security Unit

Wally Falkowski, Chief of Security

39 Howard Avenue

Admin B

Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 462-0975

Staffed by facility-based Security Specialists, the Security Unit has overall responsibility for the security of all Department of Correction's facilities and any offender activity that takes place off the Pastore Government Center grounds. The Security Unit maintains and inventories equipment, conducts audits, writes reports, and maintains records. The Security Unit also develops and designs all new active and passive security systems, implements inmate security measures, coordinates drug detection and urine screening processes, trains staff, and drafts security policies. It reviews new technologies that become available to law enforcement and makes recommendations regarding their potential use within RIDOC.