Office Of Victims Services

The Office of Victim Services (OVS) is designed to serve all crime victims whose offenders are currently in custody at the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI). OVS can also assist concerned family members of these victims, as well as, professional service providers and law enforcement.  Kimberly Maciel runs the RI-Victim Information and Notification Everyday system and assists victims of crime whose offenders are currently in custody at the RIDOC.

Day One (formerly the Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center) is a contracted vendor with the RIDOC and provides staffing to the Office of Victim Services.

What Can OVS Offer You?

  • Registration assistance for victims who want notifications from the RI-VINE system.
  • Answer questions about the RI-VINE system.
  • Provide training for professional and community groups about the RI-VINE system.
  • Answer victims' questions relating to incarcerated and community-based offenders.
  • Offer connections to community victim support agencies and judicial resources.
  • Provide crisis intervention and support to victims of crime.
  • Provide encouragement with victim empowerment and contributions to restorative justice.
  • Advocate for legislation to improve victim rights.


Victims Bill of Rights

  • To be notified of the status of the investigation, defendant's arraignment and release
  • To be notified of all court proceedings and cancellations where the victims presence is required
  • To be protected from harm and provided, where feasible, a secure waiting area during court proceedings
  • To be informed of witness fees and restitution to which the victim is entitled
  • To be provided with employer intercession services
  • To have personal property returned when no longer needed as evidence
  • To be informed of financial assistance and other social services
  • To be allowed to address the court prior to sentencing, as well as, consulted for the pre-sentence report and impact statement
  • To be informed of the case disposition
  • To be notified in felony cases whenever the defendant is released from RIDOC custody.


Victim Notification: 1-877-744-8463