Community Confinement

Community Confinement is a community-based program which provides a sentencing option used by District, Superior, and Family Courts for selected inmates who pose a manageable risk to the community and require structured supervision. All participants are electronically monitored to ensure compliance with pre-approved daily schedules. Most sentenced inmates have substance abuse, domestic or simple assault, shoplifting, driving on a suspended license, embezzlement or driving under the influence charges.  Many are court ordered to treatment and these court orders are enforced by Community Confinement staff.  Two-thirds of the population are awaiting trial for violent felony charges including murder, first degree sexual assault, first degree child molestation, arson, robbery, felony assault, and carrying a pistol without a license.

Contact Information

Magdalena Picot, Administrator of Community Confinement

18 Wilma Schesler Lane

Dix Building

Cranston, RI 02920