Grant-Funded Educational Programs

Evening Programming and Supplemental Educational Services

Through the management of the Consolidated Resource Plan, a combination of grants provided by the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Adult Basic Education Grant, the evening programs provide academic opportunities for inmates which are supplemental to and extend beyond the core education services provided by RIDOC's Education Unit. The CRP has also made possible the introduction of technology into the classrooms. The use of technology has been proven to be an effective tool in the classroom and in preparing students for reentry into our computer-driven society.

Title I - Education of Disadvantaged Youth

The Title I program uses Federal funds to provide supplemental instructional services to students who are under the age of 22.  This instruction is primarily in reading, mathematics, and language arts and targets the most academically disadvantaged students. The program offers self-paced, individualized instruction in small group settings to these younger inmates in an attempt to renew their interest in the possibilities and opportunities education provides.

Title II (A) - Improving Teacher Quality

Title II, Part A provides funds intended to increase academic achievement by improving teacher and principal quality. This supports teachers by providing opportunities for continuing education and professional development so that they may transfer that skill and expertise to their students.

Title III - Limited English Proficiency

Title III, Part A provides funds intended to assist schools with language instruction, specifically for Limited English Proficient students.

Title IV - Safe & Drug Free Schools

This funding source provides for the creation of safe, disciplined, and drug-free learning environments that will help all children meet challenging academic standards.

Title V - Innovative Educational Programs

With combined funding provided by grants, the Education Unit has been instrumental in producing an innovative educational video production of the Special Community Out-Reach Education program. The SCORE program was developed by the employees of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections and the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers.

The primary goal of this program is to provide a community service aimed at educating young men and women about the ramifications of choices they make and to positively alter their future in a way that would discourage a lifestyle leading to negative dealings with the law and/or possible incarceration.

Adult Basic Education Grant Program

The ABE program is funded through a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education utilizing Federal Adult Education monies.  The ABE grant program focuses its instruction on basic transferable skills.  The program offers literacy development, ELL instruction, pre G.E.D., and G.E.D. preparation.  The goals of the ABE grant program are to increase its students' functional literacy level and to provide its students with the capability to make a smooth reentry into their community upon release.

Contact Information

Lee Allison, Chief of Program Development
Education Unit
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Phone: 401-462-2507