Rehabilitative Services Overview

Barry Weiner, Assistant Director

The Division of Rehabilitative Services is committed to the meaningful reintegration of offenders into the community. Program areas within this Division can be categorized into three distinct sections: institutional based programming and services, Transitional Services & Discharge Planning, and community corrections.

Institutional corrections include programming offered to the offender during incarceration such as health services, mental health services, education, substance abuse counseling, Medication Assisted Treatment, Youthful Offender programming, chaplaincy, parenting, sexual offender treatment and a wide variety of programs and services.

Transitional Services & Discharge Planning incorporate discharge planners who work inside the facilities with individuals prior to release to plan a successful and seamless re-entry back home and back to their communities.

Community corrections refers to units such as Probation and Parole, Community Confinement and Victim Services.