Nursing Services

RIDOC's Nursing Services consists of a Director of Nursing Services, three R.N. nursing supervisors and 43 licensed nurses (R.N.s & L.P.N.s) providing services in all RIDOC facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The RIDOC also employs Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Qualified nursing professionals interested in a career in correctional nursing are encouraged to contact Director of Nursing Services Kimberly Kane at, or visit our Human Resources job listings section to download an application.

Each inmate remanded to the Department receives a medical intake screening which begins with a nursing history and evaluation. Nursing staff records current and prior illnesses, verifies prescription medications, and determines appropriate housing for the inmate based on medical and mental health needs. Intake screening provides the basis for an individualized medical record which is maintained throughout the inmate's stay. This process is confidential and nursing staff adhere to all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) guidelines as they provide care to inmates. RIDOC nurses do not participate in security screening or procedures.

Nursing staff routinely provide care to inmates in the clinics, assist physicians with treatments, administer medications, and monitor the inmate population for communicable diseases. Nurses work with physicians to monitor acute and chronically ill inmates and those who are elderly or who have special needs. RIDOC nurses participate in continuing nursing education provided by nurse educators from local colleges.


One full-time Senior Radiological Technician and one part-time contract radiological technician provide x-ray services to inmates. Full x-ray capability is available at the two largest facilities - the Intake Service Center and Medium Security. Partial x-ray is available on-site at the High Security Center. Inmates from other buildings who require x-ray services are transported to these facilities for care.

Film is processed on-site and delivered Monday through Friday to a community provider for interpretation. All films are interpreted by board-certified radiologists who generate written reports for RIDOC physicians. Emergencies are sent to a community hospital. All suspected trauma injuries are evaluated at Rhode Island Hospital's Emergency Department, which is a regional trauma center.

Contact Information

Director of Nursing Services / Nurse Practitioner

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Dix Building

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Phone: 401-462-3795

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