Infection Prevention and Control

The primary goal of this unit is to safeguard the health of RIDOC community from infectious and communicable diseases, by preventing/minimizing the spread of diseases and promoting overall well-being. The unit is led by the Principal Public Health Epidemiologist. 

Examples of Work Areas

  • Infectious Disease Data: We collect, analyze, and interpret data on infectious diseases within correctional facilities. This data is crucial for identifying trends, potential outbreaks, and informing preventative measures.
  • Infection Prevention: Our disease prevention efforts include offering and promoting vaccination programs. Recommended vaccines are available at no cost to inmates. This helps to reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses within the correctional setting. 
  • Infection Control Practices: We align with national, expert guidance in implementing infection control practices within the facilities. These include, but not limited to, promoting hand hygiene, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), environmental cleaning and disinfection practices, implementing exposure control plan (ECP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) guidance, and providing training to staff and inmates.
  • Outbreak Mitigation: This involves implementing isolation protocols, contact tracing, providing treatment and nursing care, and ensuring proper sanitation measures are in place. Mitigation plans and actions are consistently consulted with and reviewed by the RI Department of Health. The mitigation actions may include limitation of individual or facility movement and/or changes to visitation schedules.
  • Reportable Diseases: We comply with state health regulations and maintain meticulous reports to the health authorities. Other agencies request data, please complete an Access to Public Record Act (APRA) request. Research requests data should be made through RIDOC’s Planning and Research Unit by submitting a Research Request.

To request a proof of COVID-19 vaccination (vaccines given during incarceration), please contact Medical Records.

Contact Information

Saengnapha Williams, MD, MPH, CCHP, Principal Public Health Epidemiologist 
18 Wilma Schesler Lane 
Cranston, RI 02920 
Phone: 401-462-3799 
Fax: 401-462-3222