Phone Calls FAQ's

The information listed below is a brief overview of the RIDOC telephone policy. The entire inmate telephone policy is available by clicking here.

The RIDOC affords inmates reasonable access to telephones, consistent with their status, housing unit regulations and the guidelines contained in the policy.

Securus, the telephone system provider, has a webpage where inmates' families and friends can set up accounts to receive calls and prepay phone minutes. The link is:

If you are an attorney of record for an inmate at one of the Adult Correctional Facilities (ACI) and wish to have your cell phone number added to your client's phone list as privileged, please fill out the Attorney Cell Phone Number Request Application..



Yes. Inmates can now make collect or pre-paid calls. Pre-paid calls can be made using an ADVANCE PAY pre-paid account or using money placed in the telephone debit account.

Each facility warden sets the schedule for inmate telephone use.

All telephone calls except those between an inmate and his/her attorney are restricted to twenty (20) minutes.

Inmates are allowed to have up to ten (10) social and five (5) attorney numbers on their telephone list. Inmates may also call the RIDOC Special Investigation's Unit (SIU) (401) 462-2282, the RIDOC Inspector's Office (401) 462-2551, the on-grounds RI State Police (401) 462-2650 and licensed bail bondsmen.

Yes. All telephone calls, except those between inmates and attorneys or law enforcement agencies, are recorded.

Calls are recorded for security reasons.

Yes, callers are given advance notice that their telephone conversations will be recorded. Those persons accepting the inmate's call are asked to agree to being recorded before the call is connected.

Facility rules specify the times when an inmate may change the numbers on their telephone list.

Since the RIDOC does not know the reason for the block (there could be a no contact order in place) the call will not be allowed at any time.

No. The call will be disconnected and the inmate may be disciplined.

Report any problems to GTL technical support at 1-877-856-3184 or 1-866-345-6088. You can also e-mail technical support at Billing and prepaid issues should be directed to 1-877-650-4249. Questions about the automated pre-paid service should be directed to 1-800-483-8314.

Do not accept the collect call. If the calls continue, contact the facility warden. You may also contact the GTL technical service numbers above.