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Department of Administration

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S  Accounts and Control
S  Blind and Physically Handicapped, RI Regional Library for the
S  Board of Examination and Registration of Architects
S  Budget Office
S  Building Code Commission
S  Bureau of Audits
S  Car Registration
S  Central Mail Facilities
S  Child Support Services
S  City & Town Officials, Directory of
S  Commission on Race and Police-Community Relations
S  Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
S  Commission on Women
S  Contractor License Search
S  Contractors' Registration Board
S  Controller's Office
S  Diversity, Office of Human Resources, Outreach and
S  Driver's Manual
S  Drivers Licenses and IDs
S  Employee Benefits, Office of
S  Energy Resources, Office of
S  Financial Accounting Network Systems, Rhode Island
S  Fire Marshal's Office, State
S  Fiscal Fitness Initiative
S  Geographic Information System, Rhode Island
S  Greenways Council
S  H.R.O.D.
S  Housing Resources Commission
S  Human Resources Division
S  Human Resources, Outreach and Diversity (HROD)
S  Information Technology, Division of
S  Justice Commission, Rhode Island, PSGAO Office
S  Labor Relations Center, DOA
S  Library & Information Services
S  Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, RI
S  License Plates
S  Mail Services, State
S  Master Price Agreements
S  Minority Business Enterprise
S  Office of Energy Resources
S  Office of Training & Development Catalog
S  Payment Information, State of Rhode Island
S  Personnel (Division of Human Resources)
S  Planning, Division of
S  Plates, Vanity
S  Police-Community Relations, Commission on Race and
S  Professional Land Surveyors, State Board of Registration for
S  Properties Committee, State
S  Public Records Requests
S  Purchases, Division of
S  R.F.P
S  R.I.P.A.Y
S  Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
S  Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code
S  Renewable Energy Fund, Rhode Island
S  Rivers Council
S  Separation of Powers Training
S  Sheriffs Department, State
S  Sign Language Interpreter Referrral Service
S  State Energy Office
S  State Fire Marshal's Office
S  State Mail Services
S  State Properties Committee
S  State Sheriffs Department
S  Statewide Planning Program
S  Summer Reading Program
S  Talking Books Library
S  Talking Books Library Online Catalog
S  Training & Development Catalog
S  Union Contracts

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